IRF Weekly Wrap-up

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It’s been quite a week!  Here’s the IRF summary of everything important in the news, entertainment, politics, and the web.

Traveler:  I wasn’t interested after seeing the preview with the tag “Who Is Will Traveler?”  but ended up watching it out of laziness.  Praise Allah for my laziness because this show was delicious.  It was a refreshing change of style in a world of CSI after CSI and Law and Order after Law and Order.  This is going to be one of those shows you’ll want to catch every week.  It’s been a while since I’ve been genuinely intrigued by television programming.  If you missed it Thursday night on ABC, you can watch the full pilot episode on 

Romney:  Religious bigotry reached a fever pitch this week compliments of the good Reverend.  That’s right, Al Sharpton had the following to say about the Governor:  “As for the one Mormon running for office, those who really believe in God will defeat him anyways, so don’t worry about that; that’s a temporary situation.”   Have you ever seen such hipocrisy?  Mitt handled it very well, as demonstrated on this video (I would not have been so gracious):

Tune into 60 Minutes on Sunday to see Mike Wallace’s interview.  Drudge reported yesterday that Wallace had the audacity to ask Mitt and Ann if they engaged in premarital sex.  I’m utterly flabbergasted.  I really like what Ann Marie Curling at Elect Romney in 2008 said about this.  The Methodist stance on the matter is very clear, but  would Hillary ever be asked this?  What about the firm stance the Vatican has taken on the matter, so why isn’t anyone asking Giuliani or Brownback?  Somehow, religious tolerance only applies to SOME denominations.

Sign Up America:  The Romney Campaign is encouraging people to throw Debate parties and sign up volunteers and donors (even as little as $5-$10 donations–but in my opinion, you have to be a special kind of cheap bastard to donate less than my VERY generous $25, year to date).  Register your event online and help the campaign make history in reaching it’s goal of bringing in 24,000 new team members in 24 hours!  JL is hosting one in Northern Virginia, and LeMare will be the hostess du jour in The Windy City.

IRF News: 

IRF Recipes:  As a reminder, we have the new culinary section that we have recently kicked off.  Please visit and try the recipes yourself and PLEASE add your own in the comments section!

Guest Blogging:  JL and LeMare want to make sure to have consistently new and fresh ideas for our loyal readers.  Therefore, we brought you Joe Miller who does Miller Monday every single Monday and whatever other day of the week he chooses.  Our college friend we affectionately call Myrtle has started her periodic column Myrts Blurts.  Stay tuned for more talent added to the payroll.  But in the interim, if you enjoy our blog and have a stroke of genius, and would like to write a guest post, we would be delighted!  The great thing about our blog is that every time you log on, there is a new funny post to read.  Please let JL, LeMare, or Joe Miller know if you have a guest post you would like us to post for you.

So get off the internet after you register your party on, and call all your friends and invite them to the rager you plan to throw in your living room.  Provide delicious food.  See the IRF Recipes – Appetizer section for ideas.  And once the debate party is in the works, go to and watch the pilot of Traveler.


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Miller Monday – Heaven help us! Mother’s Day Brunch

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