Salut Master P, ou es tu?

June 12, 2007 at 9:46 am 3 comments

Master P, of Phenix Friday fame, needs to save the day for Galeries Lafayette, the largest department store in Paris, and help them with their English translation. Her hard earned French PhD would only help bridge the divide between le français et les americains that is so evident by their clumsily worded English language web site. It is nice they try to accommodate speakers of the English language, but they need to try harder. Take this for example:

This summer, Galeries Lafayette has the soul traveler and entail you from stopover to stopover for a “shopping nomad” . . . From glamorous camp to smart bivouac*, the fashion has, this season, a true flavor of adventure. Become immediately an adventurer of charm!

This proves one of two things: the French could just be up to their dirty old tricks of thumbing their noses at uncultured Americans as if to imply we aren’t worthy of a clean and logical translation or they honestly want to extend the cultural olive branch to American tourists but are just too indignant to run their compelling verbiage by an actual English speaker. It would be easy to inform them that we don’t commonly refer to a baby registry as a birth list for instance.

Having been told by a fellow in Belgium that I possessed “le rythme dans [ma] peau” while jamming to The Skatman Song at a church dance, (translation: rhythm in my skin), I learned that just because a francophone can flawlessly whip out phrases like, “Where did you come from where did you go, Where did you come from Cotton Eyed Joe?” and “Runaway train never coming back” does in no wise mean they really have a grasp of the English language. How hard is a simple, “You’ve got rhythm?”

If Master P were to accept her assignment, she could probably get an employee discount on these stylish french towel covers hawked outside the store and inform the sales girl that it’s simply redundant for her to model the gear when the mannequins do such a formidable job on their own.

She could also get away with some very funky parking maneuvers if she were ever running late to work. Maîtresse P, what do you say?

*(If “bivouac” perplexed you, you’re in good company– it means a type of tent or sack similar to a sleeping bag rendering the second sentence utterly strange).


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