IRF Weekly Wrap-up

June 24, 2007 at 5:46 pm Leave a comment

First Day of Summer 

This week, we celebrated the official start of summer.  On the longest day of the year, I foolishly forgot my sunglasses, and was immediately reminded of Geek:

They just don’t make rappers like they used to. 

 Search-term Sunday: Here are the most amusing items people have typed into search engines over the past 7 days to find IRF.

Beautiful Older Women Calendars – This is not available currently about IRF, but IRF writers, Ms. Phenix, Myrt, JL, and LeMare are not exactly 19 anymore… Perhaps we can find a photographer and give our readers what they want?

“prairie dog” funny – I don’t think we’ve spoken about Prairie Dogs, but Say Yes! To Hoboken has a delightful 5 second video that fits the bill.

strapless dress for 9 year olds – Have we learned nothing from Mary Kate & Ashley?  Have we learned nothing from Jon Benet?  How would a strapless dress stay up on a pre-pubescent?  I’m calling Social Services.  If you’re the sick degenerate mother who searched that term, I’ll track you down.

how to make a beauty queen sash –  If you actually WIN, they give you a sash; why should anyone need to know how to make one.  Is there a beauty pageant counterfit underground? 

wheatgrass throwing up and vomiting – Someone have a problem at Jamba Juice?

African Jungle Island clothes – Africa isn’t known for its islands.  Are they speaking of Madagascar?  My recommendation?  Short sleeves, breathable fabrics.

“manny” mannequin – I googled this myself just to see if other Manny Mannequin’s existed beside’s JL’s sister’s.  They do.  Even robotic mannequin’s.  The stuff nightmares are made of.


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Just Awesome Miller Monday – Champagne wishes, Caviar dreams, and a Chevy Nova up on blocks in the front yard

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