The Case Against Obama

February 28, 2008 at 12:07 am 1 comment

Today William F. Buckley died. He was a key figure in the conservative movement and we own him a debt of gratitude.

My purpose here is to lay out part of the case against Obama. I was inspired to do so when reading this editorial from the Wall Street Journal: “Obama’s Patriot Act.” It discusses one of Senator Obama’s legislative initiatives. I have bemoaned Obama’s pledge to raise taxes in areas like capital gains (Screw the rich!) but this proposed bill is anathema to my core economic principles. From the article:

Mr. Obama’s proposal would designate certain companies as “patriot employers” and favor them over other, presumably not so patriotic, businesses.

The legislation takes four pages to define “patriotic” companies as those that: “pay at least 60 percent of each employee’s health care premiums”; have a position of “neutrality in employee [union] organizing drives”; “maintain or increase the number of full-time workers in the United States relative to the number of full-time workers outside of the United States”; pay a salary to each employee “not less than an amount equal to the federal poverty level”; and provide a pension plan.

In other words, a patriotic employer is one which fulfills the fondest Big Labor agenda, regardless of the competitive implications. The proposal ignores the marketplace reality that businesses hire a work force they can afford to pay and still make money.

I consider myself an economic conservative first and a social conservative second. This means that I want low taxes and little government involvement in business. See something like the massive fine levied by the E.U. against Microsoft makes my blood boil. Obama’s effort to find “patriotic” business is the worst kind of government involvement. It reminds me of the restrictions placed on companies during the New Deal. James Lileks posted some interesting thoughts about the New Deal in a recent post.

Raising taxes is bad- PERIOD. It hinders economic growth. Do I have to even point that out? It is also bad to have the government determine who is worthy of a tax cut, not to mention undemocratic. Not exactly what I want in a candidate.

I am tired and must go to bed. There will be more to come.

UPDATE (2/28)

Here is some more. Daniel Henninger looks at Obama and just what kind of dream he is selling:

The Democratic platform may be familiar, but it is also infused with the quality of a dream. Actually, the word “dream” gets used a lot in Democratic rhetoric. What are essentially bureaucratic arrangements, such as health insurance or after-school programs, are promised as “universal.” Meanwhile, “the middle class” is being offered a version of never-never land — total public protection from the traps and betrayals of the private sector, which has been reduced to a kind of Grimm’s Fairy Tale abstraction, the wolves.

Who is John Galt?


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