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Everything they do is so dramatic!

Good news from the world of Entertainment:

Bluth family lovers, unite! Former Arrested Development co-star Jeffrey Tambor confirmed published reports that a movie version of the Emmy-winning Fox comedy is in the works. “After months of speculation. I think we have finally figured out for sure that we are indeed doing an Arrested Development movie,” Tambor told at the premiere of Hellboy 2 on Sunday. “I am very excited about that. I love that cast and crew and I felt like we had more to say.”

To get an idea of why this is such a good thing, here is the pilot in its entirety. You can watch the whole series for free at

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July 1, 2008 at 9:37 am 1 comment

Happy Christmas

I happened upon this video, which hits several key points:

Hasselhoff Cameo…check

1980’s kitschy TV show…check

G.O.B. as the voice of K.I.T.T…check

Chance I will be watching? 100%

December 26, 2007 at 11:55 am 5 comments

Miller Monday – Relativity Disproven

Even as a small child I knew that I was different from everybody else. I have always struggled with the heaviness of the mantle of my calling. It’s a burden that not many people would elect for themselves or loved one. It certainly has not been easy. You see, I have a keen perception of what is funny, and conversely what isn’t. Tragic experience has only proven that a large portion of the general public may be missing this essential skill.

Contrary to public opinion, humor is not relative. Humor is an absolute. Some movies are quite funny. Some movies, however, are not. To me, this is not even a debatable point. Some people may think that humor is much like acquired taste ~ for example, I prefer chocolate ice cream, you prefer vanilla, but humor is not like that. Humor could be measured on 10-scale. Some things measure up near the 10 mark (Waiting For Guffman, Arrested Development), while others fall somewhat short of the Mendoza line. I’m sorry this may be mind blowing to some, but it is something I have always known, and its time that you knew too.

I can distinctly remember many years ago, being a lad of only 9 or 10 years old, and hanging out with a close family friend (whose name will be withheld). After driving his mother insane for several hours, my friend’s dear mother volunteered to pay us to go and see a movie. Now to a 10 year old, you can only imagine how this proposition sounded. The only problem was that my friend began pressuring me to do something that I felt rather uncomfortable with. I would have honestly felt more comfortable if he had he pulled out a pack of his Dad’s cigarettes and invited me to ‘smoke’em or head home. My “friend” suggested that we go and see “The Burbs” starring Tom Hanks. Now, I have always known that Tom Hanks is not very funny, the exception being his roles in both Castaway and Philadelphia, so I can not explain to you how dirty I felt deep down inside when I foolishly sat through one of the worst movies I have ever seen. That is when I realized that we could no longer be friends any more.

It was only years later why I realized why we could not be friends any longer. I finally realized that my poor friend’s maximum threshold for humor might have been only a 3 or 4. It was no wonder that he found such a terrible movie so deliciously enticing. The Burbs might have peaked at its funniest moment at a solid 2.3. Well that might have been darn near hyper-overdrive for my friend’s humor capacitor. Some of you out there are now undoubtedly saying, “That is not fair, your friend simply had different taste than you.” But you unfortunately are wrong. I do attribute the fact that he enjoyed the Burbs in part to a lack of actual intelligence, but there was also another factor at play ~ HIQ! My friend simply lacked HIQ. How could I have ever befriended someone who was so humorously disadvantaged?

Without a proper Humor Intelligence Quotient score you are likely to think that a show like Family Matters is funny while believing that Seinfeld is not. To me, that is just sad, but unfortunately it is a reality for so many people. Did you ever wonder why ABC’s TGIF programming was so enormously popular back in the early nineties? Although it certainly did not have me baffled at the time, it was certainly very disappointing at sleepovers when my 12-13 year old contemporaries had to stop playing air hockey to see what mischief DJ Tanner was up to on Full House. Oh TGIF how I hated you! Each worthless piece of programming more terrible than its predecessor.

Before signing off, let me just say that it’s okay to have a low HIQ. I certainly don’t want to be your friend, but I’m certain you would feel the same way about me. The only difference is that on Friday nights you end up watching whatever crap Adam Sandler is producing, while I am watching Spinal Tap.


Joe Miller

June 11, 2007 at 5:21 pm 12 comments

Even a Barn Looks Better Painted

This Memorial Day Weekend, I’ve had the pleasure of spending the weekend with the parental unit.  After hearing my fair share of constructive criticism from my blessed mother, I decided I would compile all the helpful tips from my mother over the years and ask you to contribute your own loving advice from YOUR mothers.

Speaking of mothers…

Actual quotes:

Age 16:

Mom:  “My, you’re courageous to leave the house without mascara…”
Mom:  “So, you’re not going to wear any makeup today?”
LeMare:  “No, I think I look good without makeup.”
Mom:  “Even a barn looks better painted.”

Age 18:

LeMare:  I realize my clothes aren’t fitting as well, but I didn’t think it was discernable to others…”
Mom:  “It is.  GOOD HEAVENS, is this Dove Bar wrapper yours?”

Age 20:

Mom: “I have an idea, for the next two weeks, why don’t you try only putting in your mouth what I eat, and nothing else.”
LeMare:  “No thanks.”
Mom:  “Let’s just try it, just for fun!” (LeMare ignores)
(hours later, LeMare is reading in the living room)
Mom:  (floating Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Goldfish in a swimming motion in front of my book)
LeMare:  “What?”
Mom:  “I just wanted a Goldfish, so it was only fair to let you have one too.”

Age 24: 

Mom:  “MERCY!  What did you do to your hair???”
LeMare:  “I had it dyed it all back to my natural color.”
Mom:  “I hate it.  You need highlights!”

 Age 25:

LeMare:  “What do you want for Mother’s Day?”
Mom:  “For you to get highlights.”

Age 28:

Mom:  “Here, try on all my rings.”
LeMare:  “This little one makes my finger look pudgy.”
Mom:  (glancing over):  “I love you, hon, but you’ve got to lose some weight…”
Mom:  (giving me her big diamond to wear)  “Much better.  When the day comes, you really need a big stone, a delicate ring just doesn’t look good on you.”

Age 28 (Memorial Day Weekend):

Mom:  “Your hair looks good.  Now put on some makeup.”
Mom:  “You look pretty, sweetie, but you need to pluck your eyebrows.”
LeMare:  “I just did.”
Mom:  “Not enough.”
Mom:  “Tell me about the color of your hair.  It’s lovely.”
LeMare:  “It’s natural.”
Mom:  “Hmm… I like it now.  Mother Nature knew what she was doing.  Remember when I hated it?”
LeMare:  “Isn’t my new suit spectacular?”
Mom:  “It kind of hugs your bootie.”
LeMare:  “I AM ready.”
Mom:  “You need mascara.  Your eyes look non-existant.”

May 28, 2007 at 11:38 am 16 comments

Helmet Head

In a moment of alarm, I realized that the two previous posts have a disturbing similarity.  We have the Bumper Bonnet in JL’s Harriet Carter Post and then in Peruvian jungle,  Shigella-riddled LeMare in a zip-lining helmet just hours after “the incident” in the cot…

Bumper Bonnet     sick-helmet.jpg

And better yet, Buster in Arrested Development

May 23, 2007 at 11:47 pm 5 comments

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