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Get a Library Card for Goodness Sake

An AP poll revealed yesterday that one in four adults read no books in the past year. Apart from factors such as education level, age, gender, race and religion, analysts point to the high level of competition from other media fraying people’s commitment to reading.


Sometimes following your favorite celebrities inhibits productive book reading.

Having majored in English and married the son of an English teacher, I have many family members who are constantly reading and recommending books. In this poll, it showed the average person read four books last year, and I know many people who do this in just a month or two. Another finding indicated that Westerners and Midwesterners had read at least one book in the past year, more than many in the South. Based on Chicago-based LeMare’s many book recommendations, I’m taking a stab that she fits into this group.

The group that read not a single book last year tended to be older, less educated, from rural areas, minorities and lower income. All areas have libraries so access to books isn’t the problem. Older people should have more time to read if they are retired, so it appears that some people just never get into the habit of reading. Almost a third of men fit into this category as do a quarter of women.

So if you’re looking to get out of the “haven’t touched a book in a year” category or above the national average of reading four books a year, consider some last minute summer reading. Books I’d suggest are The Glass Castle, Benjamin Franklin: An American Life, the #1 Ladies Detective Agency series, Expecting Adam (although read this disclaimer first to understand Beck’s definition of non-fiction) and two sisters-in-law and my college roommate have given stellar endorsements of BYU grad’s Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight, Eclipse and New Moon vampire series. Any other good books you’ve read recently?


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